coffee analysis:

Reichert r2 mini refractometer

Fluke 561 digital ir thermometer

Ohaus analytical balance

CLE grind sieve analyzer

full water analysis kit

roast analysis

Quest M3 lab/profile roaster

Fluke 54II digital thermometer

Nanmac E-Type bean & air temp probes

Excel roast profiling spreadsheet

cupping analysis

'Le Nez Du Cafe' aroma training kit

SCAA/Flavor Dynamics taste
training kit


'The Coffee Cuppers Handbook' lingle

'The Coffee Brewers Handbook' Lingle

'Water Quality' Beeman/Songer

'Everything but Espresso' Rao

'The Professional Barista's Handbook' Rao

'Espresso Coffee: the science of quality'

'The Book of Coffee' Illy

'Coffee Technology' Sivetz

'Coffee Quality' Sivetz

'Coffee' Davis

Roast Magazine '04 - current

brewing methods


Chemex pourover

Able V1 & V3 Kone Filters

Hario V60 pourover

Beehouse pourover

Frieling French Press

Yama Vac-Pot


OE Lido hand grinder

Baratza Virtuoso Preciso

Bunn G3 (for 5 months)