My name is Dan Kennedy, AKA theCoffeeScientist.
I am a La Marzocco and Synesso trained service technician. I ran theCoffeeLab, an espresso and coffee repair business for a year before closing shop and moving back east and have much experience with dialing in espresso machines and grinders to get the perfect shot. I love all things of a technical nature and working with my hands, which is what got me  into becoming a SCAA Certified brewing technician and on the path to theCoffeeScientist.

As theCoffeeScientist, I am focused on learning the finer aspects of brewing and roasting and sharing that learning with any business or consumer that brews coffee to be able to brew coffee better and more accurately. That includes all aspects of brewing coffee, from each specific method down to measuring the brewed strength of each brew, calculating extraction percent and linking those numbers to the flavor profile that my taste and smell are giving me.

Much gratitude goes out to Anders Divak for being my initial inspiration for amazing coffee. He ran
'The Rhino Cafe' in Philadelphia in the early/mid '90s and showed me what amazing roasting can do to great coffee.
He was one of the best roasters I've ever come across.

I also want to thank Justin Hartman of Ozo Coffee for his support and sharing his knowledge.